Unmounted Cutlery

All our blades are fully hot forged (not whittle tang or slot bolster) from Martensitic* steel bar. The bolsters are power-hammered in a die and the blades cross-rolled to the correct thickness and stamped out whilst hot. They are then ground, glazed and rumbled before being fully cuttled, mirror polished and hand-finished.

We also offer special services for our blades such as serrating, swaging and jimping (see last picture below). As an alternative to the bright mirror finish we can supply the blades with a satin or matt finish plus they can be "black etched" with a name or logo (including "Stainless Sheffield England") or left totally plain -please ask for details.

To help identify the bolsters available on our blades we will indicate them as shown on the left.
A. Egg Waterloo
B. Oval
C. Yankee (Steak knife only)

A. Taper Blades - only Oval bolster

  1. Not available
  2. Grapefruit Knife (100mm)
  3. Tea Knife (100mm)
  4. Steak Knife (122mm)
  5. Desert Knife (120mm)
  6. Table/Dinner Knife (139mm)

B. Slipper Blades - Oval or Egg Waterloo bolster

  1. Tea Knife (105mm)
  2. Desert Knife (128mm)
  3. Table/Dinner Knife (145)

A. Pallet Neck Blades - not currently available

B. Parallel Blade - Oval or Egg Waterloo bolster

  1. Tea knife (100mm)
  2. Dessert Knife (120mm)
  3. Table Knife (140mm)
  4. Extra Long Table Knife (Oval) (166mm)

C. Pistol Blade - all Oval bolster

  1. Small Butter Knife (67mm)
  2. Butter/Tea Knife (92mm)
  3. Dessert Knife (127mm)
  4. Table Knife (143mm)

  1. Fish Fork - stainless steel or silverplate, Oval (92mm)
  2. Fish Knife - stainless steel or silverplate, Oval (119mm)
  3. Steak Knife - Single Hump, Oval (122mm)
  4. Steak Knife - Straight Back, Oval (128mm)
  5. Steak - Straight Back, Yankee (122mm)
  6. Steak Knife - Double Hump, Oval (119mm)

  1. Not available
  2. Not available
  3. Table/Dinner Fork (Oval) (100mm)
  4. Dessert/Salad Fork (Oval) (96mm)
  5. Soup Spoon (Oval) (90mm)
  6. Dessert Spoon (Oval) (90mm)
  7. Tea Spoon (Oval) (72mm)

Serving Blades - all Oval bolster

  1. Pastry/Pate Spreader (80mm)
  2. Not available
  3. Round Choil Pie (147mm)
  4. 6" Cake Blade (160mm)
  5. Spearpoint Brides (210mm)
  6. 9" Bread Knife (237mm)

  1. 4 1/2" Flat Letter Opener (Oval) (117mm)
  2. Rapier/Diamond Letter Opener (Oval) (135mm)
  3. 5 1/4" Flat Letter Opener (Oval) (137mm)
  4. Bottle Opener (Oval) (50mm)
  5. Not available
  6. Bar Knife (Oval) (130mm)

  1. Serving Trowel - Silver plated (Oval) (186mm)
  2. Cheese Plane (Oval) (130mm)
  3. Cheese Knife (Oval) (110mm)
  4. Butter Knife (Oval) (105mm)

Carving Set Blades

  1. 8" Sharpening Steel (Oval or Egg Waterloo) (207mm)
  2. 8" Carving Blade (211mm)
  3. 9" Carving Blade (Oval) (240mm)
  4. Not available
  5. 6" Carving Fork - No Guard (Oval) (154mm)
  6. 6" Carving Fork - With Guard (Oval or Egg Waterloo) (158mm)
  7. Not available

  1. Dinkie Fruit/Butter Knife (Oval) (62mm)
  2. Not available
  3. Pistol Butter Knife (Oval) (67mm)
  4. Olive/Sardine Fork (Oval) (54mm)
  5. Alma Tea/Fruit Fork (Oval) (75mm)
  6. Not available

Blades can be jimped, swaged, serrated,
whet or etched as required. Please ask for details.